Friday, June 18, 2010

Beauty On A Budget-Creamy Eyeshadows

Good Morning Chickadee's! If you love your creamy eyeshadows than you'll LOVE this Beauty on a Budget. There is no doubt that Bobbi Brown makes incredibly lux make-up however with that name comes a hefty price tag. That's the case with Bobbi Brown's Beach Club Collection Metallic Cream Shadows, they retail at $22 a pop! Ouch. So what if you don't have (or want) to spend that much $$$ on eyeshadow?

Try Avon's Cool Bliss Eyeshadows! They have the same creamy consistency as the Bobbi Brown with a MUCH more affordable price at $7.50 each. Plus right now Avon has them on sale for even cheaper price at $4.99!! Come On! You can't beat that price!

The Cool Bliss Eyeshadows come in Exquisite Blue, Frothy Mocha, Pebble Stone, and Sparkling Plum.

Where to buy:
Avon's Cool Bliss Eyeshadows-$7.50/NOW $4.99 (Avon)
Bobbi Brown Metallic Cream Shadows-$22 (Bobbi Brown)


  1. wow, these look really nice. I love the colors :)

  2. hey I can vouch for the avon products! I actually work for avon and they have great prices for fantastic everyday products. be sure to check it out.
    Love your blog!


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