Monday, May 17, 2010

What's In Your Purse? Here's What's In Mine...

Have you been seeing what's inside each others bags lately?? It's been going around the blog world like wild fire. So I though I'd whip out my camera and give you a peek of what's in side mine....minus all the old receipts and trash that somehow always ends up in my purse.

Handbag: (Simply Vera, Vera Wang) I got it a while back...
Phone: (Blackberry) My love, my life, my everything...let's just say if hubby and my blackberry were on a cliff, it would be a close call....
Wallet: (Kenneth Cole) I've had this for a couple years now and it still looks mint! Even though it may not look it this puppy holds A LOT.
Make Up Bag: (Burberry) I've had this for a while now too.
Antibacterial Lotion: (Bath & Body Works) in Honeysuckle. This is my BFF and it smells wonderful!
Perfume: (Victoria Secret, Dream Angels-Heavenly) This is kind of like a staple. I have soo many perfumes and I always end up going back to this one.
Lipgloss: (Revlon-Glossy Rose & Nude Lustre) This is about the only thing from Revlon I like..
Lipstick: (Avon-Wink) I was given this a couple months ago and I ended up really liking it.
Powder: (L'oreal True Match-W4) I really really like the true match collection from L'oreal.
Camera Case: (holds my Sony camera) I ALWAYS carry my camera. You never know when there's going to be an impromptu photoshoot!
Pen: Random's a must.

That's it girlies! That's what inside my bag..I know, I know for a make-up junkee I don't carry a lot of make-up in my bag. I always put my make-up on before I leave the house because I think it's important to take your time with each application--just ask my husband..tee hee

So what's in YOUR bag. Let me know!

P.S. if you decide to take a picture of what's inside your bag and put it on your blog leave me a comment here so I can hop over to your blog and take a peek inside yours! ;)
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