Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shoe Patrol

I do a recurring post here on Babblings called Shoe Fetish of the Week to satisfy your cravings for Designer shoes. Have you seen it? I realize that most of us can't spend $700 on shoes so I'm creating a NEW segment called "Shoe Patrol " where I'll scavenge around the internet looking for great deals on shoes we can all actually afford. Here's the first edition:

1. Zigi Soho Ridgey Slingback Sandal- Org. $50.00/Now $9.94!!!
2. Miss Me Studio 5 mirrored wedge-Org. $45.00/Now $24.94
3. Michael Antonio Woven Platform-Org. $50.00/Now $29.94
4. Miss Me Cupcake Sweater Boots-Org. $50.00/Now $19.94!!
5. Merona Zelma plaid rain Boots-Org. $32.99/Now $16.48
6. Mossimo Kailee Platform Boots-Org. $39.99/Now $13.98!!

So what do think chickadee's any of them catch your eye? Let me know!


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