Monday, May 3, 2010

New Rainbow Brite

I feel like a kid again! I absolutely ADORED rainbow brite as a kid. I use to watch the cartoon all the time and had both rainbow brite and her sprite friend, wink on my bed growing up. Last week hubby and I took Arianna to Toys R Us to pick up a few things and as I passed through the aisles I saw this....
I couldn't help but scream like a 5 year old!! How CUTE is she??! She has a new updated look but for the most part looks the same! For a second there I forgot we were there to buy Arianna things and wanted toys FOR ME! Unfortunately, I snapped out of it and walked away brokenhearted because my daughter had no interest in her...

If you want to buy this Rainbow Brite Doll for your child or for yourself you can go to: It retails at $17.99 :)

Were you a fan of Rainbow Brite growing up? Let me know!

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