Monday, May 17, 2010

MAC To the Beach Collection/ Summer 2010

I D-I-E! Seriously, I DIE! (unless you're a Rachel Zoe fan you probably think I have horrible grammar)

Have you seen the latest Summer Collection from Mac?!?
Holy mother of all that is unholy..I AM IN LOVE!! Just look at all this fantastic stuff MAC has in store for us in the "To the Beach Collection"! Such pretty shades of lipsticks, lipgloss, eyeshadows, bronzer, nail polish, the works!

There is fun in the sun, to be sure, but to the beach is more of a sensual state of mind – a pleasure we all feel near the sea. The girl and boy from Ipanema, from Cap D’Antibes to West Palm Beach…All around the world, the seaside has a romance, and a kind of golden, sexy alchemy we’re all drawn to. This collection encapsulates it, with a new, lapping-wave Lip-Pencil and High-Light Powder in coral shades, Nail Lacquer – A Scorcher! – Eye Shadow, Kohl, and Powder Blush to get away from it all effortlessly. Sandbags, seashells, the magic of marine life decorating packaging in the most soothing sultry shades of summertime. Close your eyes, and go To The Beach!

The release date for the U.S. is May 27th! Will you be buying anything?


  1. Wow, I so want all of it. I love MAC. But it's so expensive. Doubt I will get any of it anytime soon, I'm still trying to use up all the Bare Minerals I have.

    Oh and I so get the Rachel Zoe comments. I remember when I first started watching her show, everything was bananas to me. :}

  2. Yes! Bananas. I'm so glad you get me tizzy.. lol

  3. So pretty. I'm kind of a make-up freak, can never have enough!!!


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