Monday, May 3, 2010

Lazy Sunday @ Our House

Don't you just LOVE Sundays? Yesterday my family and I had the PERFECT Sunday. Nothing to do, no place to go, just spending quality time together..that's all we did. After we had a late pancakes & eggs breakfast we ALL ended up snuggled up in our master bed watching Dennis the Menace even our dog Bolt vegged out in bed with us. At one point I turned to my hubby and asked "Isn't this what you dream a perfect Sunday being like?" he turned to me and said "I think a lot of people dream of this...."


  1. Just wanted to say hello. I really like your blog! I will continue to check it out and read new posts!

  2. Great Blog...and your post has inspired me for next Sunday!

  3. Those type of Sundays are thee BEST!!!!! I went to church Saturday evening, so I was able to sleep in Sunday til 10, I'm never that LUCKY!!! It's nice sometimes to stop and slowly Breathe.... PHeww...

  4. Found you on MBC, here is mine


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