Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jason's Birthday!!

Today is my hubby's birthday!! Our birthdays are 12 days apart so it get's a little crazy around the house this time of month. I made him take off work today so my daughter and I plan on giving him a special day (although, let's be honest, he's a guy and it really doesn't take much to make him happy)

I got him a nice little present and I hope he likes it...which wasn't easy because we're both sleuths (we should be working for the CIA or something). It's really hard for us to surprise one another! Usually the other one already knows something's up and guessing by what he asked me yesterday he already has some suspicions (UGH). Not to mention my daughter is a little rat and will give you up in 2 seconds! lol. She's really excited about his birthday too (mostly because of the cake) and drew him a little card by herself-which knowing my husband, he will LOVE. :)

We also have family coming in this weekend so I'm planning on doing a birthday weekend for him. We'll probably go to one of his favorite restaurants on Sat night and hit up an amusement park on Sunday. Busy Weekend this week...can't wait! Happy Birthday Baby!!!


  1. Very Nice.... very nice... (with a Borat accent). Who's coming this weekend?

  2. Happy B-day to the both of you!

  3. Thanks Ladies..and Danny. LOL

  4. Happy birthday to your better half!
    Started following you. :)

    Hope you can follow me back!

  5. Happy Birthday to your husband! Have a great day!


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