Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Diane Kruger Look. Yay or Nay?

OK girls, so what do we think of this look? I like but I don't like it. Does that make sense? I like the overall composition but I would've picked a different skirt. A more toned down skirt I guess.

Although--from what I understand this was a party for Karl Lagerfeld so dressing a little fashion forward was expected I suppose. You don't go to party for the head designer and creative director of Chanel in a GAP skirt, right... offense, GAP. I personally ADORE you. ;)

What do you think of this look? Yay or Nay? Let me know


  1. But I really guess the skirt is what makes it stand out. If it wasn't for that she would just be in a tank and sandals. The skirt is very odd though, it almost looks like a craft project. I wonder if it is cardboard.

  2. It DOES look like a craft project! :)

  3. I agree, the skirt is a bit odd..too stiff or something


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