Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bath and Body Works-Perfect for Mother's Day.

Have you seen the sneak peak of Bath and Body Works exclusive Spring 2010 V.I.P. bag?! It's over $100 value and filled with 10 very impressive products. It's available May 7th...just in time for Mother's Day!

Bath and Body Works and Mother's Day go hand in hand if you ask me. If all else fails give a woman some nice smelling lotions and she'll be happy! I don't care if I have a bathroom closet FULL of body lotions I STILL get excited when I get one! lol

So what if you can't afford the V.I.P. bag? Don't worry they have plenty of other selections that can fit anyone's budget.

1. Bath and Body Works signature collection-Large Basket ($40.00)
2. Splish Splash Gift Set ($30)
3. Signature Collection with Photo Frame ($12.50)
4. Garden Box ($32.50)
5. Flower Pot ($39.50)

Aren't they ADORABLE??! Go to to purchase and see many more options!

Do you love BBW's? Let me know!

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