Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Allegra's Closet -TUTU GIVEAWAY WINNER!!

So who won the Allegra's Closet Tutu Giveaway? Drum roll please........

Congratulations to Brittany from Latte Love Mommy, Random.org has selected you as the winner!! Hop over to ALLEGRA'S CLOSET pick a tutu of your choice and send me your shipping information and tutu selection to babblingsofamommy@gmail.com. You have one week to claim.



  1. OMG. I'm sooo excited!!! Thank you so so much! Headed to the website to pick one out! I'll email you tonight. :)

  2. I had fun poking around your blog. The look is very cool and you write like everyone's favorite cool girlfriend (nice, but not boring)! My sister's site, Allegra's Closet, brought me here - but you kept me. Thanks for the diversions!

  3. Thanks Karen! Hope you come back to poke around some more. :)


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