Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's YOUR Mommy Style?

Good Morning Ladies! This Sunday I thought we'd do something fun and let each other know what kind of Mommy Style we have? Are you a.....

LAID BACK MOMMY-jeans and tee shirt kind of gal.
SIMPLE & FEMININE MOM-simple, classic, preppy is your style.
SEXY MAMI-everything you own is snug, tight and hugs your curves.
ROCK & ROLL MOM-leather, plaid, and boots are your staples.
GLAMOURAMA MAMA-the sidewalk is your runway.

What's my style? I would have to say I fall under the Simple and Feminine Mom. cardigan and flats are my staples. ;)

So what's YOUR style?? Let me know!


  1. I'm a laid back mommy. :-)

  2. I've rocked all of them actually. But mainly i'm a mix of sexy mommy and rock and roll. I wear a lot of black and i love heels.

  3. Lisa, I got to agree with time or another I've dressed up in all these styles..well except maybe rock n roll. I don't know if I can pull off the whole bad ass look. lol ;)

  4. I'm a cross between laid back and Rock and Roll, with a good splash of punk =)

  5. I'm definately a laid back/rocker mommy. Sometimes my curves get the best of me and I don't look that great in a skirt.

  6. i am a laid back mommy but I would like to be a little more of all of the other styles more often.....

  7. thanks for welcoming me in mbc.
    I'd like to say I'm in between laid back mommy and simple and feminine.☺
    I'll be following your site so I'll drop by again. regards.

  8. ps: I'd also like to invite you to my site:
    My last post: leave baby crying or comfort her? though I don't attempt to answer this question.
    have a nice day and I'll be visiting again.

  9. wow. It seems that laid back and rock n roll are definitely Mommy Favs! Thanks for leaving me your comments everybody!

  10. Ugh.........sometimes I feel like I have NO style! If I had to pick one, I'd say Laid Back. At home I can usually be found in jeans and a t-shirt. I do work full time and for that I'd say I'm simple and feminine. I like to spice things up with jewelry!

    Your blog is cute! Found it through MBC. Hope you'll check out mine as well :)

  11. Most of the time I can be described as a Laid Back Mommy.

    I found your blog from MBC.


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