Friday, April 23, 2010

Urban Decay-Summer of Love

Good Morning Mamas! I thought I'd start the day by showing some of my favorite items from the Urban Decay's Summer of Love Collection!

Look how pretty! I'm really loving these bronzed colors--perfect for summer. The kit includes 4 eyeshadows, eyeliner and champagne colored eyeshadow primer-$29.00

The Summer of Love nail kit comes in 7 miniature sized shades that reflect the fabled summer of 1969.-$28.00

And what's my FAVORITE item from their collection?.....

The Pocket Rocket Lip glosses! How hilarious are these?! Not only can you undress a guy with a flick of your wrists but the color of the lip glosses are really pretty too! $19.00

To see the ENTIRE Urban Decay Summer of Love collection go to:

What do YOU think of the Summer of Love Collection?? Yay or Nay?


  1. Hi Jenny! Thank you for your nice welcome to Mom Bloggers Club. I followed it here and just had to add that I LOVE Urban Decay's eye liner. Don't know about the Summer of Love Collection, but the liner rocks.


  2. Your welcome Kymn! Thanks for the follow. I love urban decay too. :)


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