Sunday, April 11, 2010

Story Chimes

Have you heard of Story Chimes? You tech savvy moms will LOVE this: They offer engaging stories for your little ones on your iphone or ipod touch! You can always pop in a movie for your little munchkin on a long drive but why not encourage them to read one of their favorite books instead?

These fun stories are brought to life thorough narration, music and more. It's exclusively offered through Apple's iTunes app store and only .99 cents each!! With that kind of pricing you can afford to take your kid's favorite stories everywhere!

Go to for more information and iTunes to purchase.

What do you think? Would you buy this? Let me know!


  1. sounds like a great idea! I'd be cautious of how much downloads would cost if you ended up making alot of purchases. I know with the music, it is really easy to get carried away :O)
    Over from MBC,

  2. Tracyo, YES you should always monitor how much your spending! lol :)


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