Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sephora vs. The Body Shop: War of the Vending Machines

OK so first Sephora comes up with the best idea since slice bread and installs beauty vending machines in JC Penny's and at the following airports: (BNA in Nashville, TN; LAS in Las Vegas, NV; IND in Indianapolis, IN; DFW in Dallas, TX; JFK in Queens, NY; and IAH in Houston, TX!) Imagine not kicking yourself for forgetting your favorite beauty products when your packing and can get in a matter of seconds?

Well now The Body Shop announced that you will be able to get your beauty fix the next time you pick up a gallon of milk! The Body Shop vending machines will be popping up at airports, shopping centers, and grocery stores such as Kroger, Stop & Shop, Jewel Osco, and H-E-B. If you live in the Dallas area you've probably already seen them or used them since they're up and running at DFW. (Lucky Girls!)

So what do you guys think? Do you like them have you already used them? Let me know.

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