Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rodan + Fields Dermatology Review

Does Rodan + Fields Dermatology ring a bell? How about if I mention a little product called Proactiv? Ahh-yes..NOW you know who I'm talking about, right?! The renowned dermatologists, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields who created the wildly popular Proactiv Solution have also created a prestigious skin care brand consisting of 4 different regimens that address the most common problems: Anti-Age for fine lines and wrinkles, Reverse for sun damage and brown spots, Unblemish for acne, and Soothe for sensitive skin and rosacea.

I was introduced to this brand not too long ago and was fortune enough to test out the Anti-Age regimen. These regimens consists of a multi-med therapy with each bottle numbered making it completely easy to follow.

The Gentle Exfoliating wash (1) is a creamy kaolin clay base and has little granules that help exfoliate your skin. You can use it daily and even as a weekly cleansing mask! The Hydrating Toner (2) helps brighten your skin and prepare for treatment. (I had some concerns how my skin was take the toner since I have sensitive skin but I was pleasantly surprised and had absolutely no problems with it.) The Skin Protective Cream (3) combines a clinically proven dose of peptides and anti-oxidants. It reinforces skin's barriers and protects against future damage. The Night Recovery Cream prevents moisture loss and boost your natural collagen. Both these creams feel smooth and non greasy and absorb very quickly. They also have nice clean smell-not a medicated or fragrant at all.

These regimens are clinically proven to work and all have 100% money back guarantee! Don't believe me? Here are some before and after pictures and see for yourself!
It's only been a few days and I already see a difference in my skin! It feels softer and healthier and can't wait to see how it will look in the future. I will absolutely recommend this product to anyone!

Overall Rating: 5 out 5
Retail Price: $160 (10% off if you sign up as Preferred Customer)

F.Y.I: Rodan + Fields products are no longer sold at any retail locations and are only available through Executive Consultants.

Want to learn more about the products and how to purchase?? Go to Jane Sims website or to learn about becoming part of the Rodan + Fields team!

WAIT! There's more...Anyone who signs up as a Preferred Customer between NOW and May 10th will receive a FREE Bottle of Microdermabrasion Paste and FREE Bottle of Anti-Age Eye Cream. That's a $136 value for FREE!! These are 2 of their top selling products and our favorites of magazines like Harper's Bazaar and Lucky Magazine. So-don't-miss-out!

*product was provided for review

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