Saturday, April 24, 2010

Registering for School & Family Fun Night

On Thursday afternoon I took my daughter to get registered for Pre-K! I can't believe it!! I was JUST talking about how big my baby is getting a few days ago and now she's getting ready for school! I-can't-take-this! Remind me to take a paper bag with me when I drop her off to school-- just in case I start hyperventilating...

I know SHE'LL love it though. She already enjoys being in a classroom environment when I take her to her Story time and Arts and Craft's Classes every week....MOMMY is the who's not sure if she can handle this!!

Theeen yesterday night we had a family fun night and took Arianna to a pirate themed mini golf in Kissimmee, FL. She had a BALL...well we all did. We got there a little bit before sundown so it wasn't 1000 degrees outside--Thank God! The location was very cute it had pirate skulls and pirate decor everywhere. There was even pirate music on and had waterfalls and bridges you had to cross.

The golf course even finished up in a pirate cave that was lit only by old sconces and was very cool and creepy. Arianna LOOOVES pirates. She's a girly girl but she's got a little bit of tomboy in her too.

So I ended winning the game--OF COURSE :) . Arianna got her complimentary pirate flag and we were off to a nearby restaurant to get some food. (I won't name the restaurant because the food was terrible.) We should have known better than to go to "tourist" area to eat...they usually don't have the best foods there but we decided to take our chances since it's a BIG NAME restaurant and lost...oh boy, never again.

Even though the food was not so great we still had a good enough time that we all went home happy and straight to bed! :)


  1. OMGoodness.. I know how the time goes by so fast :( My aunt actually is a teachers assistant in a Kg class. She says the 1st day of school is the worst. There are more mommies crying that there are kids. I know I would be one of those ones tearing up and wanting to stay and just watch my child just in case something happens, so I can rush him home and promise he never has to go back there.. LOL its just a thought. No, but I would be shedding some tears for sure!
    It looks like you all had a blast! I need to take my little one to play some golf since he loves his little toy golf set! Thank you for sharing!

    Me and Mine in a Small Town

  2. Yes! They need to have like a prep class for moms: How to deal when your kids go off to school. I feel like mom's have a harder time than the kids do! lol

    Thanks for stopping by Glenda! :)


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