Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Plus Size Top/ Two Looks

Hey there Chickadee's! Here's another 2 looks I put together with a Faith21 top by Forever 21.

Here's the Breakdown:

Top: Faith21-$15.80
Shorts: Faith21-$10.00
Sandals: Payless-$9.99
Handbag: Payless-$22.99
Necklace: Forever21-$5.80
Sunglasses: Forever21-$5.80

Top: Faith21-$15.80
Pants: Faith21-$17.80
Shoes: Forever21-$24.80
Clutch: Forever21-$7.50
Bangle: Forever21-$5.80
Earrings: Foever21-$5.80

All these pieces are really affordable and can fit anyone's budget! Be sure to go to and to purchase.

So what do you think? You like? Let me know!

Want to see more TWO LOOKS??! Click HERE!


  1. I've never heard of Forever 21, but I love that top!

  2. Amy, Really?! They have great stylish AFFORDABLE clothes! Check them out some time.


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