Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New K-Swiss

Look how CUTE these NEW K-Swiss are?! I pick my sneakers just the same way I would any other shoe. They-have-to-look-cute. :)

These are the latest running shoe from K-Swiss named Tubes Run 100.

Here's what they claim:

It's a lightweight running shoe.
• Durability is achieved with a full length Aosta® II rubber outsole.
• Flexibility is enhanced by anatomically correct flex-grooves.
• Breathability is increased with a mesh upper.
• Cushioning is provided by k-EVA midsole compound and the dynamic motion of the tubes working in harmony with the motion of the foot.
• Stay tied laces.

And for you ladies that are not fond of pink?? Don't worry they're available in: Green, Blue, Silver, and Red. They retail at $75.00

Go to www.kswiss.com or here for more information.

Do you like K-Swiss? Do you prefer another brand? Let me know!

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