Friday, April 9, 2010

My Other Child: Bolt.....Our Puppy

Bolt is our 7 month old Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie). My daughter got him as a Christmas Present from her Grandma or "Mema" (as endearingly called in our home). He's a BIG part of the family and immediately took to us since the first day we got him.

Yesterday night he started limping out of nowhere and I instantly went into nurturing mommy mode. I wanted to find out HOW he had hurt himself, WHERE he could have done it and WHEN. My heart was breaking seeing his poor little paw limp everywhere. I mean this puppy follows me EVERYWHERE! He's jokingly referred to as my shadow here at the house because he will literally get up and follow me anywhere.

I hadn't realized before last night what a part of the family he is! He really is like my second child--the "boy" my husband has always wanted. (lol) I would have done anything to make his paw feel better and I even gave my husband a scolding stare when he looked at me for laying Bolt on the bed (He's not allowed on beds, sofas, or chairs so he won't hurt himself jumping off) and asked him if he would even look twice if I put Arianna in bed if she was hurt or in pain. Hubby agreed and Bolt had a restful night.

Luckily today it seems that his paw is much better and he must have only sprained it yesterday somehow and will be all better soon......I love my little "Bolty" :)


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