Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Little Picasso

I know that EVERY parent thinks their kid is the smartest, or the cutest, or the most talented but I really do think my daughter Arianna has a knack for drawing-the girl LOVES her arts and crafts. I know what you're thinking..every kid likes to draw or color but Arianna spends HOURS coloring, HOURS drawing. Give this little girl a pen and paper and she's good for the day!

Yesterday afternoon we picked up my mother from work. We arrived a little early so we had some time to kill. She gave Arianna some pen and paper and sat her down at a desk. Arianna drew not only kids stuff--trees, flowers, etc but she also drew my mom's entire office! With very close attention to detail!! I couldn't believe it--she's 4 yrs old people!

Maybe I am over reacting but I couldn't help but feel proud. She's taking after her mama! I've always been very artistic and for some of you who may not know, I worked at a Interior Design Firm before I had Arianna. I feel like she maybe following my footsteps, who knows?!

Will she be the next Picasso or the next Frank Lloyd Wright??....only time will tell. :)
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