Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Love You Stinky Face.

I thought I might share with you one of my daughter's FAVORITE books. It's a fun book that describes how a mother's love would not change even if your child were a big scary ape, a smelly skunk, a swamp creature, a bug eating alien and more! The book is silly and my daughter gets a real kick out of it every time.

It's a great book for bedtime and I would definitely recommend it. I would like to warn you however that your child might ask you to read this book 1,000 x's-SO BE WARNED!.... I love my little stinky face :)

Babblings of a Mommy Book Rating: 5 out of 5

Have you read this book before? Is it one of your favorites too?? Let me know!


  1. I love this book and my son can't get enough of it.

  2. This is such a cute book! I picked it up at TJ Maxx and I love it. :) Looking forward to the day my son will sit still long enough for me to actually read it to him (he's only 16 months).

  3. Karen, Your baby will LOVE IT! How much did you get it for at TJ Maxx?? I paid full price :(

  4. Such a great message of reassurance


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