Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Story Time...

Wednesday's and Thursday's my day is pretty much packed taking Arianna to different community events around the area. I'm lucky enough where we live in a town that really focuses on family and kids. We have several big parks, baseball fields, community centers right around the block and on Wednesday mornings it's Story Time!

Our Wednesday morning story time is at a local library that was the first school house in the area in the early 1800's! Later it was converted into a private home and then again donated back to the community and made into a library. It has a very southern charm with a screened in porch, benches and rocking chairs. I can't tell enough how much Arianna loves going there. The storyteller is such a lovely animated woman she keeps all the kids entertained and keeps the kids (and parents) wanting more. :)

Today was so pretty outside they had some tea (juices) and some yummy snacks out on the porch.

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