Friday, November 21, 2014

21 Tasty Festive Appetizers For Your Holiday Gathering

Check out Tasty Festive Appetizer For Your Holiday Gathering
by Jenny Moyett at

Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away?? I don’t know about you, but I feel like Thanksgiving has crept up like a thief in the night this year. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of time to get ready for big day. Most likely you have your Thanksgiving menu set, but what about those savory snacks and starters to keep the hungry mob [hashtag family] at bay?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

How To Stay Forever Young (…Or At least Look It)

Olay recently asked me how I stay forever young, and it got me thinking. Aging gracefully is something all women hope to accomplish. There isn’t a single woman out there that doesn’t want her skin to be clean, clear, dewy, and wrinkle-free forever. However, I refuse to believe that we have to disguise the aging process with Botox, eye-lifts, lip plumpers and all sorts of procedures to convey a youthful look. That might work for some, just not for me.

The key to a beautiful complexion is obvious, really - it’s daily care and smart prevention. I know, I know. I would love for it to be a glorious magical pill we can all find over-the-counter too, but that’s simply not the case. Having great skin takes some good ol’ TLC. The good news is that it’s never too early or too late to start taking better care of your skin. I’m not claiming to have a perfect complexion, but here are some rules I follow to maintain a daily fresh face.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Frozen Surprise + Kohl’s Sing Your Heart Out Top 10 Finalists

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In my house music is always playing. Whether cooking or cleaning, I always have some tunes playing in the background. Yup, you can say I’m a pretty big fan of music, so you know what I’ll be doing this Sunday, November 23rd – watching the American Music Awards of course! I’m excited to see artists like Fergie perform live on stage, but I’m also curious to see who will be the winner of the Kohl’s “Sing your Frozen Heart Out” Contest!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Holiday Style: P.S. from Aeropostale

This weekend Arianna and I attended KidzVuz Holiday party in NYC and it was so much fun! I’ll share pics of the party later on this week, but I wanted to go ahead and show you what she wore to the event. The occasion called for something festive and snazzy. Luckily we did a little shopping at P.S. from Aeropostale beforehand and found some great pieces.

Monday, November 17, 2014

1 Faux Fur Vest / 2 Ways

On a recent trip to Marshalls I acquired a fuzzy fur vest much like the one below. At first I was a little taken back by the volume of it, but it quickly grew on me so I decided to take it home with me. Now I’m left thinking of ways to style it so I can use it throughout the fall/winter. Below are two ways I would wear it. How would you?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Comfy Cozy Favorites

Well, if there’s anything that last night’s snow flurries reminded us it’s that winter is fast approaching. Which means it’s the perfect excuse to cozy up and stay indoors. Whether you’re binge-watching on Netflix or just catching up on some ZZZ’s. Here are some snuggle-worthy faves to get you through this hibernation season.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Home Inspiration: Subtle Fall Decor

Most people associate fall with orange pumpkins and colorful seasonal foliage, but I like this modern take by Honey We’re Home. A soft neutral palette like this reminds us that we don’t have to orangey-reds to get into the festive spirit.

When it comes to holiday décor - are you more modern or traditional? 

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